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Who is Makati Loans PH

We, Makati Loans PH, are a Philippine-based online quick cash loan company that provides fast loan approval, immediate release of funds, flexible payment terms, and low interest compared to other online loan services.

We understand our clients, and we feel you. We want to make every process of applying loans to be more convenient not just for us but also for our valued clients, who are the most important in our business. You matter to us, and we know how it feels when urgency arises; thus, we offer a quick fix to your immediate financial woes.

Makati Loans PH abide by the law of the land regarding data privacy act, and we don’t tolerate harassment in our company. We resort to a more civilized way to resolve any problems with our company and our clients – even their references are safe with this.

We encourage everyone to read the contract accordingly to secure hassle-free agreement and avoid inconvenience in the future. Although we are not resorting to harassment, we may have other means to communicate with irresponsible loan applicants.

We also encourage everyone to be a responsible payor to avoid bad credit and inconvenience to your end. Although we are very lenient with the payment terms, we expect everyone to be cooperative and be responsible for paying your weekly or monthly dues to us. 

We are not like any other online quick cash loan companies, which gives false hopes, we are straightforward, and we don’t promise what we don’t deliver. We value our brand, and as a start-up, this is vital to us. We want everyone to be satisfied with the services that we offer, to learn how to be financially free, and on how to avoid getting a lack of budget before your next payday.

We want everyone to feel at ease on their daily needs. Due to the rise of the prices, we cannot evade that there are times that our budget is getting compromised. Knowing the working conditions here in the Philippines, and the situation where the people have a hard time asking their peers to lend them money. Often, our peers wouldn’t allow us to borrow money from them due to several factors, and this is one of the reasons why we made Makati Loans PH.


A Few Word
About Our App

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We don’t want to hassle our clients; thus, we offer a variety of ways to receive your loan.

You can receive your loan through any of the following:

We also transfer your loan in less than 1 hour after getting your approval.


We understand that there might be unforeseen situations that may arise while the contract is still active, so we offer flexible payment terms of up to 3 months.

Clients can pay their dues to any of the following:


As compared to other online lending companies here in the Philippines, we offer the lowest interest rate in the market.

We provide as little as 1% per month with very minimal processing fee automatically deducted to your approved loan – no upfront fees required.


Makati Loan values everyone’s privacy. We secure that all the data that you have provided are safe and secured, even your references data is 100% safe.

In line with this, we also promote harassment-free to all of our clients, including their references. We believe that we can solve all problems in a more civilized manner than resorting to harassment.

Here in Makati Loan, we care and value every client even after the contract ended.

Low interest compared
to other online loan services.